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Your Privacy Matters

In order to offer my Services to you, I must collect certain information about you. Because I respect your privacy, I have documented my policies regarding this information here:

Personal Information

I store the information you provide in this website's forms, from emails, and via phone conversations in a CRM. Your personal information will never be shared with anyone, unless under Government Court Order. I especially will never sell your information to 3rd Parties.

Website Security

All areas of this website that require sensitive information are secured via SSL. This website uses regular Apache/PHP session cookies to remember certain details from page to page, which is required to provide a modern web experience.

Other Data

This website also accesses certain meta data like your IP address, as well as data provided by your browser client. This information is used to geo-restrict certain features of this website to reduce unwanted spam.

Third Parties

Certain information like email address may be shared with WaveApps and/or PayPal for billing purposes, as required.

This website is hosted at Media Temple, who may therefore have access to your data. My CRM runs on Citrix Podio, and any email correspondence would be stored on Rackspace Managed Mail Servers.

I use Google for analytics and they may store information in cookies to be able to provide their service to me.

Your Rights

You also have the right to protection of your data and I will take reasonable precautions to prevent accidental use or divulgence of your data and will never share it with third parties other than those listed, except under court order.


If you have questions about this policy, please contact me via email to

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5.0 Stars | 191 Reviews