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Finally, you get to Enjoy hosting a Party

Having a party? With my Private Party Catering Services I'll ensure your guests are delighted by sensational appetizers and tapas throughout the evening. After all, you should enjoy your own function as well, and not be stuck in the kitchen working.

Whether you're having a small intimate dinner party, special occasion, or major event, you'll be glad you had it catered by me. Not to be confused with regular caterers who supply the same boring menu to all functions, I provide personalized gourmet food, catering to your exact wants and wishes.

Your guests will relish the exquisite flavours of each bite-sized morsel.

Ready to turn your Party into an Experience?

Initially we'll decide on a per-plate or per-person budget, from which we can then plan the menu for the day. The menu can contain as few or as many items as you desire, and each menu is custom-tailored to the specific event, or a special theme.

All cooking is done in your kitchen, and afterwards, all clean-up will be done, leaving your kitchen as spotless as it was before. Your job is to mingle with your guests and have a good time, knowing that every little detail of your function is taken care of.

In addition to all groceries, spices, and condiments, I shall supply all required pots, pans, knives, and other required cooking tools. I'll also supply all serving dishes and plate-ware as the canvas to showcase my work.

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Please note: in order to maintain the highest level of service, I can only offer stand-up appetizers to a group up to 35 people.

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